Results driven Therapies for Children

Dunton Slagle is women lead team specialising in speech and occupational therapy centre for children. The company started in 2017 and promotes an all embracing, open-minded, healthy work environment. Dunton Slagley exclusively works with tested, trained, highly experienced, duly licensed and certified therapists.


Provide Effective Occupational and Speech Therapy that is unique to each child in the most creative and timely manner.


To be the leading and most effective Occupational and Speech Therapy centre in the world

Core Values

Trust, Respect, Creativity, and Continuous Hard work

Dunton Slagle is truly after the betterment of your child. They only hire Trained and Tested teachers and therapist who has been in the field for a long time. I enrolled my daughter for their Speech and Occupational Therapy services. And have seen good results on my child in less than a week.
Tessa Cua
Investment Banker and Mother of 2
Results! Results! Results! I have found the people I can trust my children with. Thank you to the Dunton Slagle teachers and therapist for taking care of my daughter and son. We also appreciate the quick updates everyday and for working with us.
Dennis Cheng
Being in the teaching field myself I know a good teacher when I meet one. Dunton Slagle has pool of good people who helped my daughter live her life better. Thank you
Carla Pangan
High School Teacher